Deep State Pharma: The Plan to Kill Kratom


Dried and powdered kratom. (Wikimedia Commons)

According to a press release from the American Kratom Association, leading scientists have rejected the FDA’s official 8-factor analysis of kratom. They have done so by submitting a 33-page refutation to multiple government agencies responsible for the legal status of the plant. Kratom has been under the microscope for quite a few months now. The all natural substance is usually consumed as a dried powder in capsules or brewed as tea.

The plant acts like an opioid, some researchers even consider it one. The main difference is the health effects associated with the two. Kratom is not as well-studied, but it is known to be safer than synthetic opioids; in terms of addiction and overdose. Some users even swear that it has saved them from opioid addiction.

One would think that the agencies tasked with scheduling kratom as a drug, would do their due diligence to gather the best information. The AKA found some alarming problems with the report that recommended the plant to be a schedule I drug.

The AKA sounded off with major issues found in the government published research.

Many people suffering from opioid addiction, have already successfully switched to kratom. The government study does nothing to address how many people would be made vulnerable to overdose again, by making kratom schedule I.

The AKA is calling for the FDA and DEA to do more representative research on a national scale.

The kratom plant. (Wikimedia Commons)

The FDA also failed to take any input from the AKA or National Institute on Drug Abuse. The AKA has also alleged to have found key data being omitted from the study.

Could it be that the government realizes the people have found a cure for opioid addiction? That might pose for a big dent in how much money is raised by big pharma. It hurts the profits from two aspects of healthcare; pain-treatment and drug rehabilitation programs.

All of that is speculative, but when shady research gets pushed out by the government it becomes a strong possibility.

Why would anyone want to make a possible cure for the opioid crisis illegal? It doesn’t make any sense. Our government needs to be studying kratom as a possible miracle. Instead, it is rushing to ram through regulations that deem the plant evil.

Marijuana is also a plant that the federal government listed as schedule I. We are seeing how that turned out. Medical marijuana is a nightmare for big pharma and kratom poses those same threats.

If you want more information about kratom, I suggest watching “A Leaf of Faith” 2018.



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