“Clinton Cash”- The Documentary Every Millennial Needs to See

If you are under the age of 25, you need to see this movie. After the 2016 election, many millennials saw HRC as a saint. This is not the case.

Hillary Clinton (Wikipedia)

When people complain about President Trump’s alleged past, it makes my blood boil. Compared to Hillary and Bill, President Trump is the saint. The petty Clintons couldn’t even acknowledge President Trump, during former president George H. Bush’s funeral.

How the public can trust people like the Clinton’s is beyond absurd. They couldn’t even participate fairly in their own parties elections. Don’t believe it? Ask Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Clinton Cash” really dives into the rest. The Clinton Foundation was used to support absolutely horrible people and actions.

In Africa, they supported dictators known for human rights abuses. All so they could benefit from the continent’s resources. They even profited from investing in areas torn apart from civil wars.

It doesn’t stop in Africa.

Bill Clinton (Wikipedia)

They coordinated mobile phone payment efforts during the Haiti earthquake. The company Digicel, had paid the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars before getting the contract. The Clinton camp and Digicel made quite the profit off of that tragedy.

The construction they were supposed to do in response to the disaster, is considered a major failure.

Hillary’s brother even pulled some strings to mine gold there after.

No more of the movie will be spoiled. Just watch!


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