Should You Switch to The iPhone Xr?

I have been in the dark-ages of smartphone technology for years. Always buying the cheapest iPhone available, while making them last for years.

iPhone Xr (Flickr)

I was using the iPhone 4 until 2017.

Yes, you read that right iPhone 4. No, I am not Fred Flinstone.

Recently, I have been using the iPhone SE. The budget model, that is basically an iPhone 6 mashed into the body of the old iPhone 5.

The SE has been trusty, I’ve taken it around the world with no case. It even slipped down an icy stair case in Oslo. But that story is for a different day.

Now on to the iPhone Xr.

iPhone Xr animation (Pixbay)

The look and feel of the OS is the same. However, there is no home button. It is replaced by a touch screen option. This is my main gripe with the new phone. No home button makes for a steep learning curve, if you are used to the older models.

Also, there is no headphone jack. No big deal, Bluetooth headphones work fine and it comes with a pair of headphones, equipped with the lightning attachment.

This is by far the biggest phone I have ever owned. The screen is amazing. It is a little tight in the pocket and big for the hand; but it is do-able.

The speakers are also very loud. I usually listen to podcasts while in the shower, and this can be heard over all the water running. Odd, but to me its a very big deal.

This is my first day of use on the Xr, and I have used iPhone for years. I was definitely accustomed to the old home-button platform. The home-button’s disappearance is the biggest change in terms of user functionality.

Facial recognition definitely makes up for that.

No home button means no fingerprint scanner. Which is a good thing.

For some reason my fingerprints never wanted to cooperate with it. A problem many have with fingerprint scanning devices. So far, the iPhone Xr facial recognition has not led me astray.

I thought it would be another security gimmick, but it actually works. George Orwell would be losing his mind in this world.

Overall, I would make the upgrade again. I will definitely showcase the photography and video I take with it here. Throughout my first day of use, the home button is my only complaint.

I just have to keep reminding myself, that I paid extra to not have it anymore. Surely, I will get accompanied with it and it will not cause a problem for me. That is just the main difference in user interface that I see now.

Technologically speaking, it is the most advanced smartphone I have ever owned. I am excited to show off its capabilities with you all!

Definitely make the switch. The iPhone Xr is just advanced enough to be an aid while upgrading, instead of a whole new system to deal with. The Xr  is also in the sweet spot, in terms of price range.

iPhone Xr logo (Wikimedia Commons)

It is not too much more than the iPhone 8, but it is a lot cheaper than the iPhone X. I for one will never spend upwards of $1000 on a phone. But that is just me.

I would recommend the switch, unless that dang home button is a deal breaker to you.  

Got a different complaint about your iPhone? Comment below or tweet me!

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