The Future of Facebook Is Not Looking Good

Mark Zuckerberg Testifies in Front of Congress.

The problems aren’t only external for the tech-giant. The Street reported that Facebook’s employees are miserable.

Facebook logo burning (Flickr)

This internal problem could be a disaster for the company, as they struggle through multiple privacy scandals. Facebook seems to have an affinity for public relation disasters. It is not surprising that employees do not like being associated with a company known for mishandling user’s private data.

This mix of problems could turn out to be Facebook’s demise. The rise in job opportunities outside of the company, may entice Facebook employees to work elsewhere. In other words, the booming economy is not going to be good for employee retention.

Governmentscrutiny and regulation is in the company’s horizon. Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was called to testify about privacy at a congressional hearing.

Facebook has been participating in very shady privacy practices. Cambridge Analytica seized the user data of millions of users through a privacy leak and used it to build voter profiles. This drew outrage from people all over the world.

Facebook logo (Pixabay)

Cambridge Analytica then used data to predict how users would vote in elections.

Facebook has now been accused of disinformation that may have swung very big political moments around the world. These events include the 2016 election and Brexit. It doesn’t help that many top members of Cambridge Analytica worked in politics as well.

These scandals have played into many people opting to delete their Facebook accounts. Mistrust in the company is at an all-time high, with many influential users spreading #DeleteFacebook on Twitter.

Is this the perfect storm that takes Facebook out? Who knows if the tech-giant is on their last leg or if they will bounce back stronger than ever. One thing is for certain, Facebook needs to do more for protecting the privacy of its users.

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