Can Macron Make France Great Again?

In France, the “yellow vest” protests have become increasingly tense. What started as a protest against carbon taxes has turned into a broader fight against President Macron’s globalist policies. 

NBC reports that the violent protests are possibly the biggest uprising France has seen in decades. 

President of France at the Annual Meeting 2018 of the World Economic Forum in Davos.  (World Economic Forum / Sikarin Thanachaiary)

The tax on deisel fuel has made it impossible for french citizens that rely on cars to make the commute to work. This is seemingly what has caused the four-weekend long protest to start. 

In France, it is mandatory for drivers to carry a yellow safety vest in their vehicles. Making it very easy for upset drivers to join the movement. 

Many french citizens feel that these fiscal policies favor the elite. President Macron’s favoritism towards the elite has lit Paris on fire.

This leads us to one question. Can Macron make France great again?

Yes. If he starts listening to the needs of most french citizens, then there is no question that France can bounce back from this. 

He has suspended the gas tax. However, many agencies have reported that the protest were over much more than one simple tax. The tax was simply crossing the line in a long history of President Macron’s elitist policies. 

President Macron can start by completely killing the gas tax, instead of suspending it. 

President Donald Trump and President Macron (Wikimedia)

He can also add focusing on France to the agenda, instead of fueling the globalist institution that is the European Union. It is quite obvious that french citizens would like the focus to be on nationalism and not globalism. 

There is nothing wrong with addressing the needs of your own country, before trying to solve the world’s problems. 

President Macron should also have an open ear to his citizens feelings on migration policies. Putting the wants of his citizens needs to take priority over complying with the EU. 

Your thoughts? Can Macron make France great again? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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