The Caravan is Crumbling- Many Migrants Get Sent Home

Many members of the migrant caravan headed for the southern US border have been turned around. Either being detained upon illegal entry, or by accepting voluntary deportation to their home country.

For over a month, Tijuana has held a high number of immigrants within its city’s borders.

Tijuana- US border (Flickr)

The citizens of Tijuana have not been receptive to the migrants, nor has the American government. Migrants flooding the US border have been met with tear gas or detainment.

Some people have placed the blame on President Trump for using tear gas, claiming that it is not “humane.” It is important to note that the Obama Administration used tear gas on massive movements of immigration at our border. Actually, it was used by the previous administration at least once a month.

This is a massive movement of people. Something that could not be possible without careful organization.

While it still unknown, many top leaders in the US have claimed that it could be funded by outside-political groups.

San Diego- Tijuana border wall (Wikimedia Commons)

This could be possible as it is has participants from a wide variety of nations. The asylum laws were not meant to adhere to a massive-orchastrated influx of people.

In no means should the US cut-off all immigration at the southern border. However, we need to uphold the strength of immigration laws, and send the message to the world that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

It is looking like that is happening. The US doesn’t need to run into the same issues Macron is.

One thing is forsure, America needs to take a deep look at their immigration and border protection policies. We cannot allow mass immigration to keep happening without addressing our citizens needs first.

Every American should be working and housed before we start importing uneeded labor by the thousands.

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