CEO of Google Gets Grilled on Privacy

C-SPAN Coverage of the Testimony

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google was called to testify in front of congress. What took place confirmed much of what the public already believed. 

It also revealed some surprising information about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US presidential election. 

Sundar Pichai and Barrack Obama (Wikimedia Commons)

It is an understatement to say that Pichai was hesitant to answer questions. He outright dodged some altogether. Some questions were met with leaving out key information regarding how websites are ranked by the engine. 

Pichai stated that sites are solely ranked by user-feedback. This isn’t exactly the case, especially with news pages. 

Some back and forth regarding location-tracking also took place. Google does not technically track your location. However, other services linked to Google do. And  that information is then easily shared with them. 

Google knows your location, they just arent the ones responsible for tracking it. 

The CEO denied any political bias in the company’s algorithims.Google employees are known as overwhelmingly liberal.

That was taken with a grain of salt by congressional leaders. A bipartisan confusion was present over why exactly the congressional hearing was called.

 On the right, you have conservatives trying to get to the bottom of very valid concerns. And for the left, search result “conspiracies” are called results of republican policy.

The testimony was even attended by Alex Jones and Roger Stone.

This is not a political stunt, and democrats need to treat it as a serious matter. This is a very large company that possibly tampered with public opinion during an election. 

Google logo (Pixabay)

Remember the 2016 election? The one where “Russian troll farms” swayed the election. Russia spent less than 5,000 dollars during the election.

That must’ve put a serious dent in Putin’s pocket. America has been duped too many times by the fake Russia-collusion narrative.

One thing is for certain, regulation is long overdue for big-tech companies. 

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