California Wants to Tax Your Text Messages

California may soon be taxing text messages. A new bill was proposed to boost funds for providing telecommunication services.

Services like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp will be exempt from the tax.

This tax will supposedly be used to cover telecommunication services for residents who cannot afford them.

Text tax maybe coming soon        (Pixabay)

The fees associated with the tax will be found and paid through the wireless carriers regular service bill. The bill has not been received well by many industry-insiders.

The program comes at a time when California is facing a massive influx of low-income immigrants. However, many migrants have been denied entry into the US.

The text tax also comes at time when big-tech is facing a flurry of regulations. The tax exempt status of messaging services could safeguard their revenue during a time of uncertainty.

This proposal is seemingly convenient for social media companies.

Messaging services will be exempt from tax (Pixabay)

The extra fees associated with text messaging will surely drive more people back into using their services. The executives in Silicon Valley must be very happy about the possibility of this coming into effect.

Facebook’s value is still on the rise as it announced a giant stock buyback. Showing that even through the storm, big-tech is going to come out relatively unscathed.

California should be worried about controlling immigration, instead of taxing people’s private communications. It is also more important to worry about providing low-income residents homes and jobs; instead of phones. 

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