3 Alternatives to Using Google as a Search Engine

CEO of Google’s testimony to congress (CBS News)

If you think you can’t escape using Google as your main search engine. Then you are wrong.

Google has come under heat for two major issues. The mishandling of user data and the possible political bias regulating algorithms used at the company. The CEO of Google insisted to congress that search results are solely based on user-feedback, and not political motives.

Many politicians and members of the public do not believe that to be true.

Google is a massive company that dominates the internet world. It also dominates competitors like Bing and Yahoo, by a long shot.

Regardless of political beliefs, there are many reasons why someone wouldn’t want a record of everything they have searched on the internet in the hands of Google. This is not a company known for having “user-privacy” and “freedom of speech” as a top priority.

Here are three alternative search engines that place those priorities at the top of the list.

        1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Logo (Flickr)

This is probably the most famous “alternative” search engine and is known for its focus on keeping user’s data private. If you have used Tor browser, your default search page was probably preloaded to DuckDuckGo.

This is not just a tool for the deep-web. The utilities available for users have grown with the demand for a privacy-focused search engine.

DuckDuckGo offers users the ability to preview social media bios, search amazon directly and even offers built-in ad blocks. To top it all off, the themes offer full customization.

Simply put, DuckDuckGo offers privacy protection and enjoyable utilities at no charge.

      2. Start Page

Start Page works by searching for information and links provided by Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, they do not use any type of identifiable information while sourcing that content for you.

Start Page eliminates the use of cookies and has HTTPS compatibility.

This search engine was started by Ixquick, which did not source information from Google. Start Page still protects you from data collection when linking to Google’s content.

        3. Searx

Searx is completely open source, which means there is no centralized system that runs it. This is another engine that pulls information from major search engines, it just helps to protect your privacy.

Searx logo (Wikimedia Commons)

Searx is interesting because you can control exactly what type of content gets pulled. From searching social media to local news, you can modify pretty much any aspect of your search.

Even if you aren’t after privacy, this can be a powerful tool to filter search results and get past that front page of results.

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