Kratom: The Next “Reefer Madness”

Kratom is on the verge of being the next “reefer madness.” However, the plant could be a potential cure to the opioid crisis.

Just like marijuana, lawmakers are rushing to make it illegal. As a collective society, we cannot let the demonization of this plant to continue.

Kratom plant (Wikimedia Commons)

It is no secret that big-pharma sees natural medicine as an enemy to potential profit. What happens in regards to kratom’s legal status, should be seen as a representation of the government’s healthcare priority list. 

What is the government’s top priority for healthcare? Protecting profits for it’s businesses or the health of its citizens?

Kratom is a drug just like marijuana and opiates. Anyone who denies that fact, doesn’t quite understand what a drug is. It must be noted that it is all natural and mimics the effects of highly toxic opioids.

The plant does not come with the same risks for addiction and definitely not for overdose. Kratom is still subject to research on long-term health risks.

The current research done on kratom has been promising in regards to safety.

Medicinal research has been done on the plant as well. While purely anecdotal, one intravenous-opioid user quit with the help of kratom. This research does include the mixing of other drugs, but it is a testament to the miracles this plant can bring addicts.

Kratom does work on the same receptors opioids do. Technically speaking, it is still an opioid. Just not synthetic and isn’t as dangerous. 

The amount it would take to trigger a deadly overdose, is by the truckload. Mimicking the physical dangers that marijuana use comes with. 

That leads us to one final question: is kratom the new “reefer madness?”

The rhetoric regarding the plant points towards yes. But that shouldn’t stifle your hope. 

Surprisingly, the government has awarded a research grant to the American Kratom Association. The grant wasn’t chump change either, but the amount definitely leaves for more to be asked for. 

Powdered kratom (Flickr)

This award should be a glimmer of hope, in a storm of uncertainty towards the plant. It is a small stepping-stone towards safeguarding the plant’s legal status.

Personally, I think kratom should be the first resort for pain-management, instead of the last. With the current status of the opioid crisis, one would think turning to an all-natural plant-based solution would be of high regards to the government. 

Yet it is met with hostility. Which is ironic, especially when people are dying on behalf of what the healthcare system started.

Synthetic solutions are not the answer to the natural feelings of pain.

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