President Trump Is The Godsend Millennials Never Wanted

President Trump (Flickr)

If you’re under 25-years-old, there is a good chance you’re not supportive of President Trump.

If you’re in college that probably seals the deal.

Let’s face it, you were a phony activist who didn’t know jack about politics before President Trump. Topping it all off is the fact that you are still rebelling against your parents.

That is okay. I am just here to show you some facts.

Mainstream media will lead you astray. Hate to break it to you, but the guy actually has your best interest in mind. And yes, he is your president. 

If you support President Trump, here is some backup. If you hate the guy, here is a reminder of what he’s done for us:

President Trump shaking hands with servicemember (Air Force)

These accomplisments don’t even put a dent in the full list. For once, America is focusing on itself.

This strategy is long overdue, but the mainstream media relentlessly attacks any hint of nationalism. The people are sick of hearing the globalist agenda being echoed by CNN; while Paris is burning over globalist policies. 

President Trump is thankfully leading us down a different path. One that leads us to being successful in the future.   

Donald Trump speaking at rally (Flickr)

A president that wants you to have a good job, in a world with less crime, all while being protected under a strong military? The future is looking a lot brighter for millenials now that President Trump has started draining the swamp.

So next time you hear someone saying “Trump hasnt done anything,” show them this list. 

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