5 Ways Conservatives Can Win Youth Voters in 2020

Can a conservative candidate for president garner a majority of support amongst young voters in 2020? It may sound crazy, but it would be very easy for conservatives to pull it off. 

What is it that consistently drives young American voters to be liberal? It could be academia, the media, drug policies, immigration or the war on terror.

republican logo
Republican logo (Flickr)

My guess is that it is a mix of confusion and being fed biased information.

Many young Americans would find themselves to quite conservative. However, they do not know what core conservative values are and have a bad taste in their mouth from phony conservative leaders. Republicans should also shift to being more libertarian on social issues.

So, what exactly needs to be done to persuade more young Americans to walk away from the democratic party?

It’s very simple.

Here are 5 ways conservatives could win over young voters in the 2020 presidential election:

1. Supporting Federal Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Not just young people want it but let’s face it; young Americans want this the most. It is time to shift to a libertarian stance on this and take the “hands-off” approach. Using marijuana does not make you a bad person, and it shouldn’t make you a security threat.

 Marijuana users are not anymore of a threat than a person who consumes alcohol or prescription pain pills.

Marijuana buds (Pixabay)

Yet, even if it is legal in a person’s state, the marijuana can be used to deem a person ineligible for government and private positions. Even if that marijuana use is for medical reasons.

The hypocrisy has got to end. To many brilliant young Americans are being passed up for using a natural plant, while alcoholics andprescription pain pill addicts make it through to the top.

Full legalization of marijuana also comes with economic benefits. States that have legalized it have seen noticeable boosts in available funds.

2. Encourage Younger Conservatives to Run for Office

It shouldn’t be a shocker that identity-politics encourages support for politicians from young people.

Young voters that have been swayed to liberalism by identity politics, truly believe that the candidate that looks most relatable to them, has their best interest in mind.

Perception is a very powerful thing for young voters.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Wikimedia Commons)

Conservatives need to tap into that resource to win young votes. It could also help with the rebranding of the republican party.

Younger conservative-minorities that are willing to run for office, are out there. Republicans need to focus on finding and running those candidates.

This would be a huge blow to the left-wing tactic of using identity in politics.

3. Prioritize the Fight to Protect Free Speech Online

If you’re going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. 

Stop crying about free speech over the censorship of Alex Jones and do something about it!

censored infowars conservatives
Info Wars logo censored (Pixabay)

We saw big-tech companies coordinate with each other to de-platform Info Wars. From search engines and video hosting all the way to payment processors. Conservatives need to prioritize free speech. Censorship is probably the only valid slippery-slope argument.

As soon as it starts, we might not be able to stop it.

4. A Full Override of Safety in The School System

This one doesn’t need any explaining. Young people are deeply affected by school-shootings and they want safe schools.

March for our lives protestors (Flickr)

Nobody should be against safer schools. Especially the conservative party that embraces “security.” Safety in our schools should be a top concern for both liberals and conservatives.

5. Declass All The Documents!

The American government should hold a high-standard for transparency. Young Americans deserve to see all of these coveted “secret documents,” that can put the conspiracies to rest.

That talking point alone helped President Trump get elected. He is running out of time to deliver on this. We were told papers would be declassified from both JFK and 9/11. 

Trump: “You will find out” (Youtube)

Conservatives could also use it as a talking point to figure out real whistleblower protection. People like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange deserve a safety net.

Any other opinions on how conservatives can win the youngvote? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA !

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