Trump Visits Troops During Christmas. Pelosi Vacations in Hawaii.

Trump calls out Democrats for shutdown during Iraq Visit (Fox)

The Free Beacon reports that Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi, is on vacation in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, the government is shut down over border security funding. Making the Christmas-vacation highly inappropriate, especially after losing a police officer to an undocumented immigrant.

So, what was President Trump doing during the Christmas shutdown?

He was busy visiting troops in Iraq with the First Lady. Hilariously, the mainstream media rushed to smear the man while he was literally in air, on the way to a combat zone.

Nancy Pelosi | Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaking
Nancy Pelosi (Flickr)

This isn’t even a surprise to Americans anymore. Mainstream media agencies even tried to smear him over taking kid’s phone calls on Christmas.

Instead of reporting on facts, it seems the media must hate Trump. Do they realize that this is doing more harm to our country, than good?

It goes to show how biased our press has become. The American people see right through this agenda and it is not helping credibility.

In the era of fake-news, one would think that the number one goal of big media organizations would be restoring a sense of credibility amongst the people. Sadly, it does not seem that way; news-cycles this year proved that.

When did the lines blur between propaganda and reporting?

POTUS and FLOTUS visiting troops in Iraq is a positive thing, no matter what. The hat scandal shows just how low the media will sink.

Troops waiting for Trump in Iraq
Troops waiting for Trump in Iraq (Flickr)

Showing patriotism and alignment with your elected-leader is not political activism.

Maybe the people over at CNN don’t know what it is like to be happy with their boss? Simply put, that is what this is.

No wonder young people are switching over to decentralized sources of media. Events like Turning Point USA’s SAS 2018, show just how many young people are jumping to conservatism.

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