Who Will Run Against Trump In 2020?

It seems like the 2016 election was just yesterday, but its time to start off 2019 by getting ready for 2020!

President Trump Welcoming Guests (White House)

By now, it is obvious that President Trump will be running for his second term in office. Democrats have a serious challenge if they want to take back the presidency.

Who are the Democrats going to put up against Trump in 2020?

While nothing is set in stone, many hopefuls have made their intentions on running quite clear.

You may want to laugh off some of these names, but you shouldn’t. Remember when President Trump was laughed at?

These are some of the possible candidates running against Trump in 2020.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Warren, D-Mass., announced that she is launching an exploratory committee for president.

The video acompanying the announcement blames big businesses and wealthy people for America’s problems. She also claims that a minimun-wage job at Sears saved her family.

Sen. Warren went on to say that families of color have a harder time because of generations of discrimination.

Sen. Warren faced alot of heat for claiming to be Native American, a move that upset actual Native Americans. The very reason President Trump nicknamed her as “Pochahontas.”

Age on election day: 71

Senator Cory Booker

Sen. Booker, D-N.J., has not confirmed anything yet. However, multiple agencies are strongly predicting that he will run.

You may remember the former mayor of Newark, from his “Spartacus” remarks, during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Sen. Cory Booker 2020
Sen. Cory Booker (Wikimedia Commons)

This drew backlash amongst the media; considering many people have questioned his motives in politics. It was thought that he may be in politics for publicity reasons, but he seems to be in pretty deep for that to be an act.

Democrats have had issues with him before, but if they think he can beat Trump then that might change.

Age on election day: 51

Julian Castro

Former Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro is officially announcing his decision on Jan. 12, and others from his camp have unofficially confirmed his bid.

However, he is not as far along as Sen. Warren.

Castro was also a major-player in the Obama administration, serving as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. It is safe to say that Castro knows his way around D.C..

It has also been reported that he has met with donors, as early as November.

Age on election day: 46

The 2020 election will be rocky, and President Trump has been gaining support amongst younger.

Any thoughts on other possible candidates? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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