What Did Trump Say During His Live Address?

President Trump took the stage in the Oval Office to address the nation about the need for strong border security.

Border wall prototype (Flickr)

The government has remained shut down and the president has stood strong on his demands for the border-wall funding. This is coming at a time when leaders of the left are being scrutinized for supporting a border-wall just 10-years-ago.

In case you missed the live address, here is a recap of what happened:

The president started off by stating that we are are out of space for illegal immigrants. We also don’t have a plan for deportation.

President Trump also went on to explain that the Americans hurt the most by illegal immigration are usually minorities. This is because high numbers of undocumented immigrants drive down wages for low-skilled workers.

The address then shifted to illegal drugs. President Trump stated that just this year drugs will kill more than the Vietnam war did. Most of these drugs are smuggled across our southern border. America has been in the middle of an overdose crisis for the past couple of years.

“This is a humanitarian crisis,” stated President Trump in his address.

He went on to note that women and children are most likely to become victims of human trafficking. A large amount of the people coming across the border illegal are being trafficked.  Many women are raped during the journey.

The president has even tried to change the material the wall was being built with. Stating that it is now a “steel barrier rather than a concrete wall.” Showing some compromise still isn’t good enough for Democrats.

The price of illegal drugs being smuggled across the border far outweighs the costs of building a steel barrier. A proposal for funding has already been sent to congress.

President Trump is standing firm on the shutdown. He stated: “The federal government remains shutdown for one reason only, Democrats will not fund border security.” This remains the only solution to reopening the government.

Kate Steinle
Impromptu memorial for Kate Steinle (Wikimedia Commons)

The address also mentioned lives lost due to illegal immigrants, including the police officer we lost after Christmas. There have been dozens of recent crimes like this as noted by the president.

“How much more American blood must we shed before congress does its job” stated President Trump.  “I swore an oath to protect this country, and that’s what I’ll always do, so help me god.”

Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer refuted by saying it was a manufactured crisis.

Losing American lives is not “manufactured,” and saying that is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful to the victims’ families. Tell the kids who won’t see their parents anymore that their grief is a “manufactured crisis.”

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