The Left Does Not Care About Dead Americans

It is quite evident with the amount of “open borders” propaganda they have been pushing out in response to the shutdown.

President Trump has made it very clear that the only way to reopen the government, is to approve funding for a barrier on our southern border. A barrier on our southern border is long overdue, it had bipartisan support; until President Trump wanted one.

President Trump visits border wall (Wikimedia Commons)

It was extremely disrespectful to families of victims, to say that our president has “manufactured” the crisis of illegal immigration. Pelosi and Schumer should be ashamed of themselves, and their supporters should be equally ashamed.

The left has sunk to a new low. Not only that, they can’t even get their propaganda machine to fall in line. The tone-deafness of the folks over at CNN has never been more prevalent than now. From Jim Acosta proving that walls work, to Ana Navaro filing her nails, yawning while talking about the crisis.

The left is stuck in a never-ending cycle of embarrassment. If they do not care about dead Americans, then we need to ask ourselves a serious question. Do they even care about America?

Do they care about woman and children?

Not according to the data, many women are raped during the trek. Many women are often tricked and sold for sex after getting here. It is absolutely disgusting, you can find the report here.

Border patrol
Border Patrol SUV (Wikimedia Commons)

President Trump held a live table with Border Patrol agents that revealed what exactly is coming across our borders. Evidence included some impressive weaponry. Even more startling was the 21 million lethal doses of Fentanyl seized by agents.

We absolutely need to stop illegal immigration. It is a humanitarian crisis that needs to be solved immediately. The left will say that they don’t work. Walls are being used around the world to stop flows of people.

Many of these walls were built after 9/11. Proving that walls have worked and still do. If the left doesn’t get their act together, President Trump will have no other option but to declare a national emergency to build the wall.

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