Another Migrant Caravan Moves Toward US

Multiple reports state that another migrant caravan is heading for the United States. This caravan is estimated to be made up of 2,000 people.

migrant crossing sign. more at hazard with multiple caravans
Migrant crossing sign (Flickr)

Recently, the majority of an even larger caravan failed to gain entry at our southern border.

The government is still shut down over funding for a border wall. This migrant caravan highlights the need for a barrier at the border. The humanitarian crisis is not going to end without it.

Democrats will not budge. Pelosi has vacationed in Hawaii, Congress has partied in Puerto Rico, and AOC has been planning a “New Green Deal.”

However, none of them have the time to sit down with Republicans to make a deal. This shows that Democrats truly don’t believe this is an issue.

An “Angel Mom” is a mother that lost their child to an illegal immigrant. Their crisis is anything but “manufactured.”

Angel moms storm Pelosi’s office

“Angel Moms” stormed the office of Speaker Pelosi, demmanding to tell their side of the stories. As the video shows, they did not get much of a response.

The tone deafness displayed will only add the the left’s implosion.

President Trump is trying to make it harder for dangerous people to enter this country. The only way we can do this is with strong border security.

These tragedies are courtesy of open border policies, which make any type of deportation impossible. In many cases, the undocumented person responsible for commiting a crime has been deported multiple times.

Kate Steinle killed by an illegal like people in caravan
Memorial for Kate Steinle (Wikimedia Commons)

Only to travel right back across the unsecured southern border.

Sanctuary cities are not helping either, as they have shown outright disrespect for federal immigration policies. Local police forces in santuary cities do not enter illegal immigrants in the ICE database.

This is a blatant disregard for the safety of legal American citizens. Having a border with controlled immigration and points of entry is not immoral.

Letting this humanitarian crisis continue, while you party in Puerto Rico is immoral. Doing it while the government is shutdown is just icing on the cake.

The American people and the issues at hand should take priority over any scheduled vacation.

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