The Covington High School Video Explained

Full video of Covington High School Incident (YouTube)

The propaganda machine that is the mainstream media has found a new target; a group of students from Covington Catholic High School.

Of course, the clip that went viral is only a small piece of what happened during the dispute. It only showed a group of MAGA hat wearing kids, surrounding an elderly native man.

A clip from the video (Wikimedia Commons)

The media portrayed it as if it were a group of racist white kids, that went out of their ways to intimidate a man. However, it was quite different.

The full video is over an hour and a half long. It starts off with a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites. Slurs and racism towards everyone besides Jewish men were said. Even referring to white people as “crackers,” and Indians as “savages.”

They also demeaned women for talking back to men. Taking the time to tell a woman to bring her husband back to argue with him.

The video shifted to the high school students. Directly calling kids racial slurs for wearing MAGA hats. The open display of racism towards children from the Black Hebrew Israelites’ was reprehensive, to say the least.

Any person of color that supported the school kids were shouted at with phrases like “uncle tom” and “uncle tomahawk.”

The students gathered behind the group on stairs and started chanting. BHI members shouted things like “incest babies.” They also started to try to provoke the students at this point.

The group started chanting to the instructions of shirtless kid. It was harmless and actually pretty funny.

This is when a large group of indigenous protestors approached the high school kids. Leading the charge was Nathan Phillips.

This is where the narrative falls apart for the mainstream media. Saying the kids were acting violent and threatening Phillips just isn’t true.

The high school students were the victims in this whole fiasco. They had hate speech and insults hurled at them. High profile people have even called for violent acts against them.

Covington High School even had to close school for safety reasons after the incident.

BLI even labeled them as school shooters and told a kid to go shoot up the school.

Phillips has also been a sucker for the spotlight. Appearing on my local news station in 2015, for a similar incident in Ypsilanti, Mich., with college kids. Other videos have him featured protesting the Dakota Pipeline.

Weirdest of all, he was in a Skrillex video.

It seems like Phillips sough out the students, because he knew it would trigger a false narrative by leftists in the media.

Nathan Phillips interview on CNN (CNN)

That is all speculation though, in his interviews after the fact, he claimed to be a “Vietnam times” veteran. Whatever that means. Many people have pointed out the issues with his claims. His age is a big indicator.

If he wasn’t in Vietnam, it’s just another representation of his phony character. Phillips has a knack for hitting the activism jackpot, repeatedly. Which could be an indicator that we will be seeing him again soon.

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