US Government Temporarily Reopens

Trump speech live (Fox News)

President Trump has agreed to temporarily reopen the government until February 15, 2019.

Government employees will be recieving their backpay during the three-week reopening plan. This should provide much needed relief for workers that have missed pay.

President Trump reminded Americans that he has the power to build the wall, without approval. In his speech, he stated that he does not want to use that power just yet. He was likely referring to declaring a national emergency.

government shutdown
Government shutdown sign (Flickr)

This should not be seen as a victory for Democrats against the president’s agenda. The keyword in this plan is, temporarily.

Personally, I think reopening the government is solely to help workers impacted by the shutdown. This way workers will recieve their pay, and will be ready for a possible round two of the shutdown.

Another shutdown will be inevitable. Unless Democrats choose to fund a wall, it will happen again. That is if a national emergency is not declared by then.

A barrier or a fence is still likely to be built at our border. This shouldn’t be seen as defeat. President Trump is once again putting Americans first, by allowing government workers to recieve much needed pay.

In his live speech, the president reaffirmed his commitment to securing our southern border. Taking the time to describe the humanitarian crisis that hurts thousands of women and children.

President Trump visits border (White House)

Human trafficking is a major problem in the world. The US should not be allowing that run rampant at our unprotected border. It is time to secure our border and protect the American people.

It is not just human trafficking. We also have drugs and guns coming into this country, from smugglers crossing the border.

American people all over the country are at risk from having an unsecured border.

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