The Desperation Shown By Arresting Roger Stone

Roger Stone on NBC News

The arrest of Roger Stone shows how desperate the left is to destroy President Trump.

Instructed by Mueller’s witch hunt, federal agents conducted a pre-dawn raid on Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home. All while his wife (who is hearing impaired,) slept in bed with no idea what was happening.

Roger Stone
Roger Stone on MSNBC

CNN reporters were conveniently on the scene to embarrass Stone even more. Many people think that law enforcement must have tipped them off, it’s strange to say the least.

Was he charged with anything related to Russian collusion?

Multiple reports state that Stone’s arrest had absolutely nothing to do with Russia.

For the sake of keeping it short and simple, Stone has been accused of lying and witness tampering. These are accusations that include stipulations like stating he communicated by phone, versus saying phone and email.

Mueller’s special counsel is supposed to be investigating Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election. Two years into the investigation there is still no evidence linking the Trump campaign to Russia.

The phony narrative has been falling apart recently. Google’s CEO recently testified that Russians spent less than $5,000 on political ads during the election.

Roger Stone has publicly indicated that he will not be cooperating with Mueller’s investigation. This is a good response, considering it is all a desperate political smear aimed at President Trump.

Roger Stone describes raid to News Wars

Mike Flynn was also arrested during this whole collusion-fiasco. This also stoked the Russia collusion flames in the media. However, he was also charged with crimes completely unrelated to Russia.

Do you see the connection? The left’s desparation is blatant. It is important to note that their leftist counterparts do not get the same treatment.

James Comey, Peter Strzok, Bernie Sanders and The Clinton Foundation have all been under scrutiny for lying.

If the government can be weaponized like that against Roger Stone, imagine what they will start doing to the average citizen.

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