Infanticide: The Leftist Morality Explained

Approval of late-term abortion reaction (Fox News)

Protecting innocent people should be the top priority of our elected officials. They are there to make the right decisions to keep us safe, right?

Deadly drugs like fentanyl pour across our southern border, during an opioid crisis. Human trafficking has taken the world’s focus. Veterans are homeless in our streets. California can’t even stop people from defecating in public.

Building a wall at our southern border to control immigration and protect American Citizens? That is immoral.

America belongs to the world, we should focus on providing undocumented immigrants with the same access to privileges, representation and rights as all our legal citizens receive. (Never mind the mom next door, who just lost their son to a fentanyl overdose.)

What would really help the American people, all while showing our priority for social justice? Allowing for abortions after 24-weeks.

24-week-old baby born (Pinterest)

Surely, this will let our constituents know that we care about them. Finally, the voiceless American will be heard. This will be a big win for women’s reproductive rights. That’s why New York did it.

This isn’t an isolated incident, Virginia is expected to follow. One can only imagine that this will become a new trend for left-leaning states.

At 24-weeks’ gestation, a fetus will have the ability to sense smell and sound. The mother will be able to feel specific movements the fetus makes.

The new law allows for abortion up until the time of delivery. Some remarks even lead people to believe that life can be ended after delivery.

Murdering a human with developed senses and the ability to move around is no big deal. It is in fact helpful to society, if the mother wants to abort the baby in a last-minute fashion.

The umbilical cord proves that the mother makes all choices regarding life or death to this human. Not delivery or ethical responsibilities.

If it is in the mother’s body, then they can kill it.

Remember the voiceless American?

These babies are the voiceless American.

As a libertarian, I believe in protecting women’s reproductive rights. I also believe in separating church from the state.

However, I do not believe in murdering babies, which is, what this is. If a mother can choose to abort a baby at the time of delivery, what is separating us from medieval ages?

This is killing the voiceless. It is killing the voiceless in the name of the mother’s convenience. Whether or not she made a bad decision is not our problem.

We are just here to protect the “what-ifs,” of society at this point. These practices cannot go on and bill’s protecting them need to be met with outrage.

Murdering a human in the name of woman’s reproductive rights, will never be accepted by the masses. This might be a progressive fad, but it will be short-lived.

This disgusting practice needs to be eradicated from American society.

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