Northam Scandal Exposes The Left’s Racist Past

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was one of two people in his yearbook picture, we just don’t know which one he is. Nobody can tell because he’s either in black-face or a Ku Klux Klan uniform.

Governor Ralph northam speaking
Gov. Northam Speaking (Wikimedia Commons)

The Democrat’s have had their hands full with this one. Gov. Northam was recently on radio, where he supported a doctor killing a baby, after comforting the infant outside of the mother’s womb.

Gov. Northam denied the photo but only after he confirmed it. The yearbook photo is featured right under his name. He also stated to press that he did wear black-face but later, in a dance competition as Michael Jackson.

The left is destroying itself from within. Not only did it make people reexamine the racist history of the Democrats, but it also showed why some of their influencers will turn on them.

It is okay to accept the murder of a baby outside of the mother’s womb. However, a racist yearbook photo from 30-years ago will have leaders calling for your resignation.

They are both unacceptable and should call for outrage, but the worst thing seems to be going unnoticed by the mainstream media.

This incident has caused a whole new audience to be exposed to the left’s racist history. Mainstream media outlets and other left-leaning organizations, have tried to cast the GOP as the party of racism.

However, history tells us a much different story about the Democrats.

Republican President Abraham Lincoln (Wikimedia Commons)

The earliest and most powerful example of this is President Abraham Lincoln. He was the Republican President who issued the Emancipation Proclamation; which freed blacks from slavery. He also led the union to victory over the south, which was mostly made up of Democrats.

The Ku Klux Klan was started by the Democrats. This goes overlooked. The gang was created as the militaristic wing of the Democratic Party. They are even responsible for lynching white republicans as well.

Democrats then went on to oppose the Civil Rights Act. A bill which had plenty of support amongst leading Republicans. This act was built and based upon earlier Civil Rights Acts, which were formed by the GOP.

Martin Luther King Jr. was known to embrace conservative values. Many argue that this means he would’ve been a member of the modern Republican Party.

Vice President Joe Biden also opposed the integration of schools in 1975. Claiming that segregation would be good for minorities, so they could have stronger identities.

KKK member Robert Byrd Kisses Hillary Clinton
KKK member Robert Byrd kissing Hillary Clinton (Imgur)

President Clinton has also campaigned with the confederate flag in 1992, much after it was known to be a racist symbol. Hillary is also guilty of a racist history, labeling young African- Americans “super predators.” There has been countless more times Hillary Clinton has crossed the line.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the left’s racist history.

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