The Tough Life of Socialist Bernie Sanders

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is a champion amongst socialists in America. He wants to control your money through taxes, all in the name of social justice.

Bernie Sanders Speaking
Bernie Sanders speaking (Flickr)

Sanders made his love for socialism apparent through the enormous tax hikes he proposed in the last presidential election.

Thankfully, President Trump defeated the Democrats in 2016. However, it appears that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats crushed Bernie from within. They decided that Clinton won the primaries long before she “actually did.”

Hillary’s email scandal should’ve helped Bernie, but it didn’t even put a dent in her campaign. Unfortunately, the DNC staffer that leaked the emails to WikiLeaks is no longer with us. His name was Seth Rich.

Regardless, it should be noted that Sanders is going to run for president again in 2020. Surely, his hate for capitalism and love for the working class, would mean he spends his donors’ money wisely.

This is not the case at all.

Sanders jet travel spending (FEC)

His campaign for senate re-election in 2018 spent almost $300,000 on private jet travel. He was campaigning to keep his senator status in Vermont. This state is relatively small, and it seems quite overkill to be flying around on a private jet for this campaign.

I’ve never been a politician, so I can’t speak to whether this is normal or not.

However, I can see the hypocrisy of the socialist who touts climate change, using a private jet. Private jets aren’t necessarily good for the environment.

That’s just one example of how Bernie spends money on the campaign trail. Who cares? He might be living a modest private life, where he can practice what he preaches.

Bernie actually lives a luxury lifestyle, which goes to prove his whole image is a fraud.

District of Columbia home owned by Sanders (Google Maps)

The man who hates income inequality and the wealthy, owns three homes. The third home he bought is a beach house in Vernmont, valued at $600,000. His home in Washington D.C., is worth over a $500,000.

It is safe to say that Bernie Sanders is part of the 1 percent; making him a complete fraud. Sanders believes he should be able to freely spend his money. Yet, he sets a different standard for his elite peers. The socialist standard, where government equals power: not success.

President Trump will easily defeat Sanders in the 2020 presidential election. The left will continue to lose support if they keep blatantly lying to Americans.

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