Rep. Ilhan Omar Has Some Explaining To Do

Jacob Wohl releases full report on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriages (Youtube)
Rep. Ilhan Omar,D-Minn. (Wikimedia)

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has more than anti-Semitic tweets lurking in her past. She now also has to explain the possible marriage to her own brother. Why would the Muslim congresswoman marry her own brother?

It was a fraud. The marriage was used to get around American immigration policies, making it easier for her brother to gain citizenship.

Her brother’s name is Ahmed Elmi, in which a marriage certificate does exist. The couple did take part in a spiritual divorce in 2011 but did not get paperwork for it until 2017.

Omar marriage timeline
Timeline of Omar’s marriages (CIS)

Omar remarried her original husband, Ahmed Hirsi, in 2012 and had another child with him. After 2017, it looks as if Omar has only been married and remarried to Hirsi. The timeline of events is very confusing.

She was legally married to two people at the same time, which is adultery. Omar may have also committed student loan fraud while attending North Dakota State University.

It should be noted that this marriage coincides with a massive amount of immigration fraud in Minnesota’s Somali communities. The congresswoman was born in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The congresswoman denies every claim and characterizes the allegations as right-wing propaganda. Omar also claims that she cannot get her birth certificate due to a civil war that displaced millions of people in Somalia.

She falls into a long list of politicians that need to be held accountable for their criminal acts.

Omar also has a past of outspoken anti-Semitism, which she displayed for the world to see on social media. She has also accused Jewish people of having allegiance to a foreign country, which is insane.

Immigration fraud and anti-Semitism are going to bring her down. She is consistently guilty of what she accuses others with.

Anti-Semitic tweet (Twitter)

It is ridiculous that the Somali-born congresswoman with a never-Trump agenda, is telling Jews that they have allegiance to a foreign country.

Jussie Smollett put more planning into his failed hate crime, than Omar did for her schemes.

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