AOC Has Proven her Swamp-Worthiness

AOC Green New Deal
Green New Deal press release (Wikimedia)

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is facing heat amongst new allegations that she funneled almost $1 million dollars in campaign contributions, to privately owned companies.

The companies that received these funds were owned by Saikat Chakrabarti, the AOC campaign’s chief of staff.  The apparent campaign finance law violation has been filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

AOC’s campaign did not disclose their control over political action committees, which pooled funds together for the campaign. These funds were then transferred to a private LLC.

AOC denies finance violations (Fox)

 If her and her staff knowingly committed these violations, they could be facing major fines and even potential jail time.

Rep. Ocasio- Cortez might be a freshman congresswoman, but she has shown herself to be worthy of a position in the swamp.

AOC is another phony socialist, demanding that the average American gets held to a different standard than her own.

How can you rally against corrupt politicians, while being a corrupt politician? She claims to be against money in politics, but so far, she is the corrupt big money politician.

Rep. Ocasio- Cortez is most known for being a proponent of the Green New Deal. However, she doesn’t seem to be practicing what she preaches.

AOC official portrait (Wikimedia)

For example, AOC’s campaign headquarters was less than 150 feet from a New York subway line. That wasn’t good enough. Her campaign logged over 1000 rides from car services like Uber and Lyft. The bill for these services were just under $30,000.

She is also known for having a problem with farting cows and believes Americans should be eating less hamburgers.

Well who knows about the farting cows, but yea okay AOC Americans probably should be eating less hamburgers. It is just not the government’s role to regulate how many hamburgers a person can eat.

You would think after saying all of this, she would have a hard stance on not eating hamburgers. At the very least, she should be smart enough to stay away from them in public.

But she isn’t, and she was pictured chowing down on a hamburger. I think being a hypocrite is a requirement to be an elected leader on the left. The people could care less about what she eats, they care about her ethics.

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