The DNC Needs to Purge Anti-Semitism

Omar is a Known for Anti-Semitism
Rep. Ilhan Omar (Wikimedia Commons)

The blatant anti-Semitism on display by Democrats shows the idiocy in their most favored insult; calling conservatives Nazis.

All political ideologies aside, the DNC really does have a problem with anti-Semitism in their party. Democrats are in favor of Palestine, socialism and identity politics. These happen to be in-line with Hitler’s actual Nazi party.

You would think that this would receive strong condemnation from within the Democrat party. Unfortunately, that’s not how the left operates.

The house passed a bill addressing the anti-Semitism, however, leaders like Rep. Ilhan Omar did not personally receive condemnation.

Rep. Omar slammed Jewish people and Israel supporters’ multiple times through social media. She has played into conspiracies that Jewish money runs politics. She has also claimed that Israel supporters have claimed allegiance to a foreign country.

Americans should be worried that the DNC’s leaders didn’t do more to stop this bigotry from entering our Congress. They have been quiet on her alleged marriage, student loan and immigration fraud as well.

Rep. Tlaib at pro- Palestine rally (Youtube)

Rep. Omar is not the only person guilty of anti-Semitism, you can add Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan to the list as well.

Rep. Tlaib most notably wrote for Louis Farrakhan, providing content for his newsletter, Nation of Islam. She also accused Israel supporters of dual loyalties. Tlaib is a staunch supporter of Palestine, and Farrakhan is a known anti- Semite.

The grand wizard of the KKK, David Duke, has endorsed this behavior and even came out in defense of this Omar’s comments.

Known Anti-Semitism Linda Sarsour
Lida Sarsour (Wikimedia Commons)

Linda Sarsour, leader of the Women’s March, has aligned herself with these congresswomen. It should come to no surprise that she has been guilty of anti- Semitism. Actually, she has quite the record of showing hatred towards Jewish people.

This behavior is unacceptable in our Congress. The left’s racism and hatred has been on full display and liberals have not even flinched. It seems as if the DNC leadership is simply doubling down by not condemning those guilty by name.

Instead they choose the option of calling President Trump and his supporters Nazis. The DNC has always been the party of racism and hatred. Anti-Semitism has no place in America.

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