Does Media Matters Hate America?

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson at SAS 2018 (Flickr)

Media Matters is a left-wing watchdog group that often tries to assassinate the character of conservative Americans. They have found a way back into the spotlight after a failed smear campaign against Tucker Carlson, a commentator for Fox News.

Carlson tactfully responded to Media Matters on his show stating; “we will never bow to the mob, ever.”

He also informed us that Fox News has his back, they are standing behind him and the right to have an opinion. This is a promising sign because outrage culture is real and often an organization will rush to stop the outrage.

Media Matters is an institution that manufactures outrage against anything conservative.

What exactly does an organization like Media Matters do?

Here is an example of what they don’t do; pay taxes. They are listed as a nonprofit and are exempt from paying taxes. It is funded by donations from elite progressives, which includes George Soros.

Their main goal is to combat conservative bias and disinformation by monitoring news sources.

Media Matters headlines
Screen Grab of Media Matters headlines

This is not actually the case, they attack anything that does not fall in line with their progressive values. Media Matters is basically the “free speech police” and they actively work to censor popular conservative voices.

The organization believes anything conservative is “disinformation.” They then provide more disinformation and propaganda to call conservatives liars. The only problem is they are the lie, the deception and the divider that keeps America from making any real progress.

They also use incomplete sound bites that misrepresent what a person is saying. This is exactly what they did to Tucker Carlson. You can listen to the interview here.

Tucker got some heat over defending a preacher’s religious marrying of a 16-year old girl to an adult man. I don’t agree with his defense of the man, but he was not sticking up for any of the husbands took part in the marriage.

Media Matters didn’t show any outrage over the almost 9,000 child requests that were approved by immigration. Some of those children are only 14 years old.

Both examples are extremely wrong but discussing them should not result in censorship. Especially when the outraged side does the same thing for a different group of people.

Carlson’s response on Fox (Youtube)

It is slowly becoming a crime to stand up for conservative values in America. Groups like Media Matters absolutely hate conservatives. Their disregard for freedom of speech, press and thought are an example of how much they hate this country and the American citizen.

They do not stand for we the people and they certainly don’t care about our needs. Media Matters and organizations like it are doing unthinkable damage to this country.

Here is a list of how they stand on current issues:

  • For open borders
  • For late-term abortion
  • For Medicare for all
  • Socialism
  • Climate change
  • Inclusion

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