“We Build the Wall” Event Brings Bannon to Detroit

Steve Bannon speaks in Detroit (Gene Brown)

Steve Bannon, former chief strategist for President Trump, joined other conservatives in Detroit to discuss building a border wall.

This was not a discussion about a national emergency or congressional approval. We Build the Wall Town Hall focuses on building the wall with private funds on private land. A move that would circumvent any need for a declaration of emergency.

Bannon was accompanied by Brian Kolfage Jr., a triple-amputee Air Force veteran known for supporting border wall construction with a GoFundMe page. Sheriff David Clarke, a prominent and outspoken Trump supporter was also in attendance.

“This is not racism,” Bannon said.  “This is to help Black and Hispanic working-class people so that you’re not flooded with cheap labor.”

Building a wall on the U.S.- Mexico border is often called racist by liberals and the mainstream media. This is just not true, considering that illegal immigration disproportionately hurts minorities and low-wage workers.

Sheriff David Clark and Brian Kolfage Jr. (Gene Brown)

Sheriff David Clarke also bought up a very valid point when comparing the crime committed by illegal immigrants versus legal citizens. “Americans commit crimes too,” stated Clarke, “but I can’t kick them out of the country.”

This was met with applause. I couldn’t agree more, we do have the responsibility to correct and punish our own when they commit crimes. However, we do not need to foot the bill of correcting an illegal immigrant’s criminal actions.

To many of our citizens are harmed by illegal immigrants. A somber reality that was reminded to the crowd when an angel family took the stage to discuss our safety.

Securing our border should be the number one priority. Our safety as legal citizens give it that priority.

I find it quite sad, that we the people are trying to finance a solution, rather than having our elected officials work it out as they should. President Trump has our safety in mind, and Democrats are blocking anything pro-America on his agenda.

Steve Bannon pre-town hall interview (Gene Brown)

Not too long ago, a border wall had bipartisan support. How can anybody believe that it is “racist” for a country to have a strong border?

Democrats would rather throw money at securing foreign nations borders, instead of our own. This complete shift in policy makes me wonder where El Chapo’s bribe money really ended up.  

You can watch the whole town hall courtesy of OAN:

“We Build The Wall Town Hall” (Youtube)

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