Has Fox News Joined The Liberal Media?

Judge Jeanine at CPAC (Flickr)

Multiple scandals have rocked Fox News in recent weeks, but the biggest blow has been dished out to the network by themselves.

First it started with the Media Matters attack against Tucker Carlson, which turned up with nothing. Then the attacks against Judge Jeanine Pirro started. The outrage started over Judge Jeanine’s questioning of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s faith to the American Constitution.

It was an honest question that needed to be asked, and Judge Jeanine did her job by asking it. Fox News caved to outrage culture and suspended Judge Jeanine’s show.

This was strange to some, considering the network did not suspend Tucker Carlson. The network’s move to stand behind Carlson was refreshing to the audience. Conservatives were glad to see an organization standing up against left-wing outrage mobs.

Pulling Judge Jeanine’s show for posing a question was out of line, and her viewers are understandably upset. #IStandWithJudgeJeanine has been a popular hashtag on Twitter since her suspension.

Currently, Judge Jeanine is still off the air at Fox News. The network went on to make another decision that would add to the enragement of the audience.

Bringing Former DNC chair, Donna Brazile on as a contributor. In the 2016 presidential election, Brazile was known for leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton. A scandal that drew her a lot of heat from Fox News itself.

Brazile also faced heat over her whereabouts on the night when Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, was murdered.

Apparently, Fox News will pick you up if you defraud the nation by rigging a presidential debate. In contrast, a person asking a critical question receives the axe.

Donna Brazile during 2016 election (Flickr)

There is something deeply wrong about this decision and hopefully Fox News will realize it before it is too late. As of know they are joining the ranks of CNN and MSNBC as a liberal news network.

Both Judge Jeanine and Tucker Carlson have lost advertisers over their comments. The outrage didn’t come from their dedicated viewers, it came from people that don’t like them.

I am sure that conservatives will love watching Juan Williams and Donna Brazile talk it up on their favorite news channel.

What do you think about the changes at Fox News? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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