The Russia-Collusion Hysteria Is Over

Sky News reports Mueller’s findings (Youtube)

Robert Mueller’s report was finally released and it found no evidence of collusion between Russia and President Trump during the 2016 presidential election. 

Americans should be happy that the sitting president didn’t collude with a foreign government. However, the left is still not satisfied with the findings of the two-year long investigation.

Robert Mueller (Flickr)

Rachel Maddow appeared to get emotional over the findings of no collusion. 

There are literally people in the world who are sad that the president didn’t collude with a foreign government. The left is still in disbelief that Americans stomped all over their progressive agenda by voting in President Trump. 

Mueller also stated that the report does not “exonerate” President Trump. 

If an investigation finds zero evidence of a crime, and it doesn’t exonerate someone from those alleged crimes, what exactly does?

Many Americans see through Mueller’s rhetoric; this report ends the Russia-collusion fairytale.

Conservatives always knew this would be the outcome, we never needed the report to explain to us that this was all made up by the left.

It was even spurred on by the phony dossier, one that was passed around to reporters by the late Sen. John McCain.  

Beto O’ Rourke (AOL)

Beto O’Rourke also chimed in on the findings by reaffirming his belief that President Trump is still guilty of collusion. This is a complete disregard for all formal legal findings in the Mueller report. 

Beto is not alone. Unsurprisingly, you can add Bill Maher to the list of people who aren’t willing to admit they were wrong. Maher also doubled down on the phony narrative, claiming he doesn’t need evidence to classify as a traitor. 

It is starting to seem like President Trump could drop a nuclear bomb on Moscow, and the left would still accuse him of being in bed with Putin. Americans are fed up with the collusion nonsense. 

President Trump has never been guilty of collusion because it never happened. 

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