Can Democrats Survive Past 2020?

Ilhan Omar Democrat
Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Wikimedia Commons)

Democrats have made some disastrous mistakes since the 2016 presidential election. Conservatives have always known that the left is imploding, but no one can tell whether this is the end for the DNC.

Recent revelations from Robert Mueller’s investigation prove that President Trump never colluded with Russians to win the election. That still hasn’t stopped some progressives from accusing the president of being guilty of those crimes.

This shows just how out of touch the left has become. The American people are smart enough to understand that finding no evidence is practically an exoneration.

The main stream media needs to learn from their mistakes and apologize for lying to the American people for two years straight. They aided these treasonous acts by continuing to publish fake news related to the phony Steele dossier.

The left didn’t just promote a conspiracy to their base for two- years, they have been up too other questionable things as well.

AOC Democrat
Democrat Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez (Wikimedia Commons)

For starters, a 29-year-old bartender is now the strongest voice in the DNC. Pelosi has lost all control over her party to freshmen Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The mastermind behind the Green New Deal, which received zero support from her peers.

Ilhan Omar married her brother to get around immigration laws, she is also an open anti-Semite and hates Israel. Her district is also a hotbed for terror recruitment.

Rashida Tlaib also hates Israel, but she is less open about her anti-Semitic feelings. She has no shame about attending pro-Palestine rallies though. These three most likely have the most influence on modern Democrats.

Don’t forget about the Democrats’ whole infanticide agenda either.

Joe Biden acting inappropriately (YouTube)

Democrats also face a problem coming into the 2020 presidential election. It seems like Joe Biden will be a contender in the race. He is a self-hating white man that has been seen on film touching young girls inappropriately. Hence the nickname “creepy uncle Joe.”

Beto O’ Rourke is also a contender for the Democrats in 2020. This gentleman was apart of the hacking group The Cult of the Dead Cow. Where he wrote fictional stories about murdering children by running them down with a car. He also isn’t even Hispanic, his real name in Robert.

Will Democrats be able to survive as a political party past the 2020 presidential election? I don’t think so.

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