Joe Biden Faces Heat for His Groping Problem

Joe Biden looking out to crown
Ex-Vice President Joe Biden (Flickr)

For years, conservatives have been sharing videos of ex-Vice President Joe Biden inappropriately touching women of all ages. The mainstream media was completely silent on exposing this behavior to the public.

Up until recent weeks, Joe Biden’s nickname “creepy uncle Joe” was never mentioned.

Add it to the giant list of fumbles by the mainstream media. Conservatives have used this nickname for Biden long before the media was.

The media’s attack on Biden for his behavior coincides with his upcoming campaign for the 2020 presidential election.  

Considering that there has been video evidence of this behavior, the media’s focus on it now likely comes with a hidden agenda.

There should be no hidden agenda when it comes to stopping someone from touching children inappropriately. Action should be taken against it immediately.

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden (Flickr)

How did Joe Biden get the nickname “creepy uncle Joe?”

For starters, he would expose himself to female secret service agents by swimming naked in front of them. Secret Service agents dreaded serving on his security details.

Now multiple women have come forward to say that they felt uncomfortable by his uninvited touching.

The worst is the fact that he seems to engage in this behavior with young children and it has been caught on video. He has been filmed live doing very questionable things to say the least, you can watch some of it for yourself in the video below.

In this video, Jeff Sessions swats Joe Biden’s hand away from his granddaughter. It seems like Sessions was on the look out for Biden’s wandering hands.

I personally believe that Joe Biden should be subject to the same persecution and vilification that the creepy TSA agent received. They are practically guilty of the same thing; inappropriately touching children. Watch this video and compare the incidents for yourself.

Joe Biden is guilty of some Weinstein-level type of groping and has even exposed himself to females protecting him. He is not above the law, especially when it comes to something like this. We are also seeing the mainstream media prove that they do not care about reporting facts, except when it fits their narrative or promotes the agenda.

What do you think will happen to creepy uncle Joe? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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