Free Speech Has No Place on College Campuses

Conservative student attacked (Youtube)

Free speech has been under fire in America and it is most prevalent on college campuses. Conservative students constantly get attacked for being pro-Trump. This is hardly ever met with the repercussions needed to protect free speech.

Therefore, President Trump signed an executive order protecting free speech on college campuses. One would think that this would be met with open arms in academia, considering they are supposed to be promoting discourse between many different narratives.

Students against free speech
Students march against free speech (Wikimedia)

It turns out that a lot of public universities don’t care at all about protecting free speech.

The executive order would put federal aid in jeopardy for institutions that do not promote policies that respect debate and discourse.

The First Amendment needs to be promoted on public campuses. Any disregard for the First Amendment should only be allowed at private universities; that do not receive any type of federal assistance.

Texas is also jumping on board with the movement to protect free speech on campuses. Texas state officials drafted a bill that relates to President Trump’s executive order.

Universities are overwhelmingly liberal, and the blatant disregard for our First Amendment rights’ is an attempt send students through a form of “progressive political indoctrination.”

Most of the funds withheld from these institutions will be from federally funded research. Why should the American people trust the “research” coming from universities that try to indoctrinate our youth?

The government should not be funding research that has hidden political agendas that deceive the public. It is important to note that student aid will not be affected by the president’s order.

The fake mainstream media is already trying to discredit President Trump’s actions. Calling the executive order nothing more than “symbolism.”

Protecting the American youth from being indoctrinated and censored is “symbolism?”

If these conservative students were violently attacking leftist college activist, how would the news cycle be different?

Here is an example of what leftist students do when a speaker comes to their campus they don’t like:

Now this is an example of what leftist students do to conservative activist on their campuses:

Some public universities don’t even allow certain conservative student groups on campus:

So much for the tolerant left.

Do You think universities will ever stop trying to be progressive indoctrination camps? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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