Spies, Lies and Corruption: Courtesy of Trump-Derangement Syndrome

AG Barr will investigate abuses of power (Wikimedia Commons)

Trump-derangement syndrome can be observed on a massive scale, if you look at the media, the DNC, some Republicans and government agencies. Even academia is against President Trump.

These organizations have no problem spreading disinformation. Their main goal is to smear our president.

The disproved Russian-collusion narrative took over news media organizations for years. The mainstream media and Democrats knowingly lied to the American people to advance a political agenda.

A fake dossier ultimately led to one of the biggest abuses of power we have ever seen. Democrats took this and turned the intelligence agencies into their own personal spies. Taking the time to launch massive surveillance on the Trump campaign, with zero reason to.

CNN’s Maddow spread collusion lies to Americans (Wikimedia)

This all blew up, when it was announced that there was no collusion in the 2016 presidential election. Hopefully, this could help to cure some individuals suffering from Trump-derangement syndrome.

It really shows that for some, the success of the DNC takes priority to the overall success of America.

The DNC tried everything to stop President Trump from winning the election. There corruptness showed when Donna Brazile leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton before a presidential debate.

They couldn’t even get corruption right, it never worked. Brazile got caught and Hillary Clinton still lost, it all was just another major embarrassment for the DNC.

Emails, Avenatti’s fraud, black-face, leaking, infanticide. There isn’t enough space in this article to list all of the DNC’s embarrassments.

Avenatti indicted on 36 counts (FOX)

The easiest and most recent example of Trump-derangement syndrome is the reaction from the left, when President Trump announced he will be sending influxes of illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities.

Suddenly, popular voices on the progressive spectrum agreed that we should be taking care of Americans before illegal immigrants. Doesn’t that sound like America first?  

They wouldn’t admit that until the Trump-derangement syndrome clears out of their lives’

Here is an example:

The left never had any interest in taking care of illegal immigrants, and they especially never wanted them in their cities. This whole thing has been a failed attempt at being the moral police.

Will the left get over Trump- derangement syndrome? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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