Joe Biden’s Past: Can He Win 2020?

President Obama And Vice President Biden (WikiMedia Commons)

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently announced his bid for the presidency in 2020. He is predicted to be a Democratic front-runner and is already focused his attacks on President Trump.

This is the hypocritical left, showing the world their disregard for all of the morals they preach to the American people. The left will jump at the chance to smear anyone for being racist or sexist. However, if you’re a Democrat like Joe Biden, you get multiple free passes.

Joe Biden isn’t just guilty of one or two of these offenses. He has a long list of this type of behavior.

The list goes back all the way to 1975, when creepy uncle Joe publicly supported keeping schools separated. He claimed it was in support of “black pride.”

Throughout the 1990’s he was a supporter of mass incarceration. He labeled the war on drugs as not “being tough enough.” Both the war on drugs and mass incarceration mainly affected African-American communities. This also included the harsher mandatory minimums on simple drug possession.

In 2003, Joe Biden did the eulogy for Senator Strom Thurmond. A Republican who was known to be pro-segregation. Biden had nothing but good things to say about him.

Joe Biden kissing young girl (Youtube)

Creepy uncle Joe has more recent allegations of inappropriately touching females, he has made jokes about it and did an apology video on social media.

Multiple complaints of this have been reported on. Democrat Lucy Flores was a victim of this unwanted touching. Joe Biden smelled her hair and kissed her on the back of the head, while he was vice president.

There are hours of video of Joe Biden engaging in this creepy behavior. You can watch clips of it below:

Just like Bernie Sanders, Creepy Uncle Joe and his party set different standards for the insiders.

The former vice president will have to face all of this, especially if he thinks he has a chance against President Trump.

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