Venezuela: The Reality of Socialism

Venezuela police tear gas
Venezuelan police using tear gas (Flickr)

Venezuela is in a crisis caused by the horrors of socialism. Nicolas Maduro, the socialist- president of Venezuela has ordered his military to harm Venezuelan citizens.

This has resulted in innocent Venezuelan’s murdered by gun fire from Maduro’s controlled forces. It has also led to protesters being ran over with military vehicles.

You can see clips of that here:

Venezuela has faced a hunger crisis for many years. This is due to the hyper-inflation that came with social programs and government spending. Even people who worked full time jobs must rely on volunteers to serve food to their families.

People often go days in-between meals in the country. A single holiday dinner costs more than the minimum-monthly salary that can be paid in the country.

This has led to the people to hunting dogs and cats for food.

Putin and Venezuelan Maduro
Maduro and Putin (Russian Government)

The socialist country is riddled with crime and it touts some of the highest murder rates in the world. In 2018, the number of farm and food truck robberies increased, indicating that people have had to resort to thievery to feed themselves.

Violence related to criminal activity is responsible for taking 73 lives every day.  The economic crisis is to blame for the crime and food crises.

Socialism has caused Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, to be relatively worthless. Most products cost more to make than they are worth. The countries oil production has been heavily reduced, there has been massive amounts of hyperinflation and debt is on the rise.

The people should be able to do more against Maduro’s totalitarianism. They have the courage and will to do just that. What is stopping them?

Gun control.

Up until 2012, private citizens in Venezuela were able to purchase firearms from dealers for themselves. In an attempt to curb crime and look good during an election, the people were stripped of their ability to protect themselves. Crime has still been skyrocketing and the government controls the firearms.

Bus burning in Venezuela (Wikimedia Commons)

Every move made under socialism leads to disasters. It is frightening that American politicians support socialism and everything that comes with it. Why do politicians embrace political systems that consistently fail?

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