Identity Politics and The Division of America

Jews against trump Identity politics
Jews Against Trump Sign (Flickr)

Identity politics were a big focus in the 2016 presidential elections and they will surely play a role in 2020. The left’s overwhelming obsession with identity will shred this country into pieces.

There should be only one identity trait that a voter should be concerned with when it comes to deciding who to vote for; the identity of being an American.

Identity politics has given every person the ability to add a prefix to their identity as citizens. Instead of being “American,” everyone has split themselves into specific categories. This only adds to the dangerous “us versus them” mentality in American politics.

Tribalism is a symptom of identity politics. The only problem is that it harbors multiple tribes that are based on race or religion. We need to belong to a “tribe” that values Americanism, free-thinking and freedom.

People shouldn’t vote with their skin color or religion. Americans need to vote with their minds. This isn’t a pitch for a presidential candidate; it is a plea to bring back the importance of free-thinking when casting your vote.

Black men for bernie identity politics
Black Men For Bernie (Wikimedia)

The incompatibilities of identity politics and American life can be easily observed in recent years. People are being assaulted for political ideologies and religion. Simply supporting a piece of legislation or being critical of a candidate can cause you to be victim of a violent attack.

This wasn’t caused by President Trump, Republicans, pro-lifers or anyone else usually blamed by the mainstream media. This has been caused by the left’s obsession with identity politics.

Certain 2020 progressive presidential hopefuls like Kamala Harris, can’t even fathom that identity politics are harmful to this country.

There are many examples of the backlash one faces when they strive to think differently than their identity groups. The most recent and well-known one is the public reaction to Kanye West coming out in support of the president.

Kanye West and President Trump interview (YouTube)

People called him insane and picked him apart based on mental health issues he had in the past. This is absolute madness, he simply likes a president. Big deal? It isn’t the end of the world, he should’ve earned a lot of respect for being open about his political thoughts, without being a bandwagoner.

Another example of this is the reaction to Candace Owens on campuses and news networks across the country. She is subjected to smears and accusations that nobody should have to deal with.

Candace Owens attacked at UPenn (YouTube)

Identity politics has gotten so strong that even Kanye West and Candace Owens have been labeled as alt-right white supremacist. This is nonsense and it needs to end.

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