Censorship: Big Tech’s Role in the 2020 Election

Censorship was never supposed to happen in America, but the left is using big-tech to silence conservative voices. Massive corporations like Facebook and Twitter are working to keep their echo chambers full of liberal propaganda.

Laura Loomer Censored Journalist (YouTube)

It started with Alex Jones, from Infowars, when social media and tech giants coordinated efforts to de-platform his organization. It wasn’t a single instance of censorship by one corporation.

Jones was systematically taken off every major social media service in a coordinated effort throughout Silicon Valley. Companies independent of each other were involved in taking his content down. Showing just how powerful big tech can be.

Alex Jones was the trial-balloon for even bigger efforts to silence conservatives.

The progressive censorship has now snowballed into affecting conservative social media influencers to the average citizen supporting Trump through tweets.

The mainstream media even tried to soften the blow. Louis Farrakhan was censored by Facebook, and he was labeled as being “far-right.”

Anybody with a brain can tell you that Farrakhan is a vile racist that supports Democrats. If anything, he is farther left than even the most “far-left.”

Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan (Flickr)

Labeling Farrakhan as a Republican just confuses the masses, while giving big-tech the opportunity to say “hey, we do it to our own as well!”

Conservatives are the targets of censorship, not progressives. This is the role big-tech companies now play in elections. They do not want American values to prosper, the only priority is controlling the narrative taking place online.

As the 2020 presidential election nears, don’t be surprised to see more conservatives go “missing” from their social media accounts.

The list of conservatives who have already been censored continues to grow. Parody accounts aren’t even safe, even when labeled as being parodies. Small accounts are also under the microscope, and they might not know when they have been censored. This has been a tactic known as “shadow banning.”

Dr. Jordan Peterson on censorship (Breitbart)

President Trump is monitoring the situation. If we do not have freedom of speech we cannot have free elections. Online speech needs to have the same protections as every other form of speech.

How do we end the censorship that conservative voices face on social media? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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