Indoctrination or Education?

Anti-Trump College Students (Flickr)

Indoctrination is being disguised as education in our school system. Young Americans are no longer being taught facts by objective institutions. They are learning beliefs from progressive think-tanks that are funded by tax dollars.

Muslim indoctrination is being attempted by groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). They use holidays like Ramadan to encourage the spread of Islam throughout our children.

Muslim Children Sing About Decapitation (YouTube)

In Washington, CAIR urged teachers to bless students for the holiday with Islamic sayings. Another school in Texas created a special “prayer room” to accommodate Muslim students. Texas A&M professors also blamed Antisemitism on Christians, with zero reprimand for the hatred spewed by some progressive congresswoman.

This is all happening at a time when things like Jesus and Christmas are being banned from our schools.

The LGBTQ community is also forcing people to support their beliefs through the indoctrination of children. Public schools are pushing an agenda that labels anyone who disagrees with that lifestyle as being a bigot.

Colorado is teaching kids curriculum that include families with two moms. In California, schools are given financial assistance to purchase textbooks that include LGBTQ history. Members of the LGBTQ community have admitted to this agenda and have created children’s books with gay and lesbian characters.

Drag queen indoctrination
Drag Queen Story Hour (Flickr)

This is paired with events like “drag queen” story hour in public libraries across the country. It also coincides with a movement to normalize pedophilia through activism and sexual identity.

Since this agenda has been introduced, the number of children identifying as gay, lesbian or transgender has skyrocketed. Identifying this way has shown a correlation to abusing drugs and engaging in other risky behaviors throughout the youth.

These types of indoctrination should disgust you. If it doesn’t than you are the problem. How much longer can administrators push this agenda without realizing the devastating effect it is having on young people’s mental health?

Schools are supposed to be teaching and caring for young Americans. Instead it is confusing them and ruining the public-school experience in America.

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