The Electoral College is Under Attack

Electoral college ensure rural support for trump
President Trump at the Farm Bureau (Flickr)

The Electoral College protects rural Americans from the large number of voters located in big cities. This system ensures that all Americans have an equal say in who becomes president. Democrats would love to end this system.

America is not a true democracy, it is a republic. Electors cast the official votes for president through the Electoral College. Electors are usually determined by a state’s political party affiliation, which is voted for.

This creates a completely fair system. It also encourages candidates to focus on all of America, without pandering to high-population zones.

No Electoral College equals no voice for Americans living in rural areas. This would lead to their issues going unnoticed, with zero focus from the presidential hopefuls.

Without the Electoral College, the president would be decided on by New York City and Los Angeles alone. Los Angeles County has more people in it than most of middle America combined.

American Cities by Population (Census)

These locations are most likely to vote for Democrats. Which gives insight on why they want to abolish this system.

Focusing on the popular vote has been a rallying cry for losing DNC supporters. Noting that it is unfair because more people voted for a candidate.

However, if you looked at the popular vote without California, President Trump would have won the popular vote as well.

People living in New York or Los Angeles don’t vote based on what will benefit rural Americans. They vote to spread their progressive policies across the nation.

“Unfair” is the exact opposite of what the Electoral College should be labeled as.

The left will do anything it can to secure wins for the DNC. This includes trying to change longstanding legislation that guards the American way of life. They are trying to govern with zero respect for what has gotten us so far, showing the overall lack of awareness plaguing them.

Here is a short video explaining the importance of the Electoral College:

Importance of the Electoral College (YouTube)

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