Affirmative Action Supports Racism

Asians protest against affirmative action
Asian families protest against discrimination (Flickr)

Getting into the best college doesn’t just depend on getting better grades and working harder than your classmates. College admissions tests and universities generalize your hardships based on something out of your control.

Thanks to affirmative action, it is based on the color of your skin.

At Harvard, Asian students must score roughly 250 points higher than Black students, that receive the same invitation to apply. Asian students are currently suing Harvard for discrimination.

Apparently, the people over at Harvard admissions think that Asian students cannot possibly come from hardship. They must have attended the best schools, grew up in mansions and lived lives of luxury growing. Solely based on the fact that the prospective student is Asian.

What about if you’re Black? Don’t worry the politically correct people at Harvard support affirmative action. Prospective Black students couldn’t have possibly come from anything besides the worst school districts with the worst teachers and lived low-rent life with a single-parent at home.

Minority students can’t possibly ever be expected to be as smart as their Asian counterparts. They absolutely need those points because expecting them to achieve as much is unfair and discriminatory.

Asian students sue Harvard (Flickr)

Racists at Harvard? No way! This isn’t racism we support affirmative action, you bigot!

Affirmative action started off as a way to ensure employees weren’t discriminated against based on the color of their skin. No sane person would stand against a rule that actually protects people from racism.

Oddly enough, affirmative action bled into the education system and when it did it became the opposite of what it stood for. Affirmative action became a policy that fosters discrimination based on skin color.

Affirmative action is fueled by racial stereotypes and is mainly supported by progressives. The ones who hate stereotypes and racism so much. The hypocrisy of liberal policy is never ending and affirmative action shows it.

On top of this, the SAT has now played into university race requirements by adding an “adversity score,” that examines education, income and family status as well. Indicating that merit is no longer of concern by either the test makers or universities themselves.

We cannot have a completely fair education system with affirmative action standing in our way.

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