Mueller’s Key Witness: George Nader the Creep

George Nader has a long history of being a pedophile that stretches back until at least 1984. Democrats have forgotten his past, considering he was a key player in the phony Russian-collusion investigation.

George Nader on CNN
George Nader on CNN (Flickr)

Unlike many other politicians that have been accused of such, George Nader has been ensnared in multiple court cases involving child pornography. The paper trail of this behavior starts back in 1984, when the US Post Office discovered that Nader was ordering magazines that depicted underage boys performing sexual acts.

A postal inspector and customs officers executed a search warrant at his home. The search turned up even more of the illicit material. All charges against Nader were dropped.

In 1990, Nader was caught trafficking child pornography into the US at a Washington, DC, airport. He pleaded guilty to these crimes, however, he got off quite easy. Nader did not have to register as a sex offender and only served 6-months in a halfway house.

In the early 2000’s, Nader was convicted in the Czech Republic on 10 counts of sexually abusing minors. This allegedly landed him in a Czech prison term for one-year.

George Nader is now being accused of the same thing he did in 1990. In June of 2019, Nader was once again caught trafficking child pornography at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. This is almost an identical charge.

He was charged by Virginia prosecutors, but is currently in New York where he made an initial appearance. Nader was denied bail because they are worried that he would flee.

Mueller used Nader as a key witness (Wikimedia Commons)

Mueller used Nader as a key witness in the Russia investigation. When George Nader handed over his electronics to the investigation in 2018, more child porn was discovered on his iPhone.

The criminal complaint was sealed to protect Mueller’s investigation. The Mueller investigation unsurprisingly turned up with nothing. It was a sham investigation and the people behind it knew it was a lie.

This means that Mueller and other law enforcement agencies let a convicted pedophile traffic child porn, just too keep a phony investigation going.

George Nader should have been locked away immediately after Mueller’s team found that on his devices in 2018.

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