E. Jean Carroll is Lying About President Trump

E. Jean Carroll Trump accuser
E. Jean Carroll (Flickr)

E. Jean Carroll is accusing President Trump of sexual assault. This is another made up smear to tarnish a conservative’s reputation.

Carroll alleges that President Trump raped her in in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman, a New York City department store. The alleged incident is over 20-years-old, and Carroll cannot remember the exact date, or even the year.

According to Carroll, President Trump convinced her to try on lingerie for him and attacked her in the dressing room. President Trump denies even knowing the woman and claims that she is not his type.

The accusations come with no evidence. Bergdorf Goodman does not have any surveillance footage still on file from the time. Carroll supposedly told two friends a personal account of the incident, but that is the only thing backing up her story.

The accusations also come as Carroll releases her new book titled, What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal. The excerpt regarding President Trump sounds a lot like the plot line to this Law and Order SVU episode:

At 42:15 a very similar attack is described (Daily Motion)

This could be where she got the inspiration for this fairy-tale, many of the details coincide. What are the chances of a major television show detailing the alleged assault that Carroll describes?

Fake sexual assault allegations have been on the rise against conservatives and it is horribly devastating to their families and themselves. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is free to grope children publicly on C-SPAN without receiving any flack.

You can watch a video of President Trump’s remarks regarding Carroll here:

Carroll went on CNN to speak with Anderson Cooper where she displayed her questionable behavior to the nation. The former Playboy openly admitted to Anderson Cooper that she believes most people think rape is “sexy.” She also said that she wasn’t a victim and that the incident wasn’t sexual. You can watch that here:

These false accusations garnered her quite the amount of press coverage for her new book. Of course, the allegations come along with an opportunity to make Carroll a lot of money. She knows she can join the long list of phony accusers that don’t receive any punishment for their slander, libel and abuse of resources.

Instead of rushing to investigate these claims, journalists and commentators rush to air accusers’ words as fact. They know it will get them more clicks for lying about the president. That is their specialty in this world of activists posing as journalist.

No evidence is available to back E. Jean Carroll’s claims.

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