Reddit Quarantines r/The_Donald

Quarantine notice on r/The_Donald (Reddit)

Add Reddit to the long list of tech companies over stepping their boundaries. They have now quarantined the “r/The_Donald” subreddit.

Reddit claims that Trump supporters were calling for violence against police officers in Oregon. The Governor of Oregon called for Republican law makers to be dragged in by law enforcement to cast votes regarding climate change.

A Reddit quarantine requires users to opt-in to following a subreddit. This is because it is flagged as hateful and inappropriate content. Reddit claims that it quarantines subreddits to “protect its users.”

Reddit pro police post
Post from r/The_Donald (Reddit)

r/The_Donald is overwhelmingly pro-police and is supportive of law enforcement. The calls for violence against police officers have yet to show up on any of the news articles covering this. Moderators of the subreddit are claiming that they were never informed of any reports regarding the behavior.

Reddit is one of the most visited websites in the US. Silencing conservative political support in the name of hate speech has become the normal approach to big tech censorship.

The subreddit was user run, however, it was known to be the official subreddit linked to President Trump. The president has done open forums on the platform and has held Ask Me Anything events to speak to his supporters.

Other big-name Trump supporters used the subreddit to disseminate information. This would include Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch.

Reddit sited months of rule breaking behavior, that is because supporting President Trump is breaking the rules.

George Soros supports Media Matters (Wikimedia)

Media Matters cited the alleged threats of “violence.” The users were posting about the second amendment and the right to pick up arms to defend the constitution from an over reaching government. No direct calls for violence were present in any of the posts.

Go figure that once again Media Matters is doing everything in their power to shut down conservative media. Any sane person would understand deleting a comment that called for violence. Reddit’s move to quarantine r/The_Donald is another example of censorship in America.

Reddit was once known to be a free speech platform but that is no longer the case.

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