Epstein Case Will Be a Slippery Slope

Epstein has a history of being a sex offender
Epstein’s Sex Offender Photo (Flickr)

Jeffrey Epstein has long been known for his involvement in sex trafficking minors. Epstein is a is a wealthy financier who has been a registered sex offender since 2008.

He only served 13 months on work release after pleading guilty to procuring a minor for prostitution. This was known as the infamous “sweetheart deal,” organized by Alex Acosta, the current Labor Secretory in the Trump cabinet.

Since then, Epstein has been the center of news stories and internet conspiracies related to sex trafficking.

Epstein was arrested once again on Saturday in New York on two charges related to sex trafficking minors. His New York home was also raided since then. The search turned up to thousands of lewd photos involving minors.

The New York Mansion
Epstein’s New York Home (Flickr)

Epstein would lure in underage girls to give him massages by paying them off with hundreds of dollars. He even went on to pay for recruitment of other underage girls. This enabled him to create what investigators are calling a vast network of underage prostitutes.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The powerful financier owns at least two private jets, properties in New York and Florida, a private island and roughly 15 cars. Epstein’s vast amount of resources and heinous crimes cause him to be considered a “flight risk.” Prosecutors are calling for him to stay in detainment until the trial is over.

Jeffrey Epstein’s vast amount of connections cause this case to be a slippery slope. Many powerful people have been found in his contacts. Former President Bill Clinton even ditched his Secret Service detail to take trips with Epstein and too his private island.

Overall, President Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet dubbed the “Lolita express,” over 26 times.

Epstein Pleads Not Guilty (Fox)

A former FBI official told Fox, that Epstein is just a placeholder for a much bigger case to unfold. It involves high level officials and underage women. Therefore, it is being handled by the New York public corruption unit. Any possible corruption related to the “sweetheart deal” will be investigated.

The infamous plea deal only protects Epstein in Florida, and it is now known that these crimes took place far outside of that jurisdiction.

This matches up with the multiple reports that have stated that Epstein plans on cooperating for a maximum 5-year sentence. Epstein could have information on the most powerful world leaders and elites involved in this type of criminal behavior.

Some of his contact list has been made available to the public.

Epstein’s Private Island (Maps)

Pictures from inside of his Palm Beach home have been leaked to the public. Epstein’s private island is officially called “Little St. James,” but is commonly referred to as “pedo island.”

Epstein’s victims deserve justice and that includes him receiving a trial that does not go soft on him because of his connections and influence. It is concerning that ex-FBI Director, James Comey’s daughter is a prosecutor on the case.

You can view the updated unsealed indictment here:

Jeffrey Epstein Indictment by on Scribd

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