Rapinoe is Embarrassing America

Megan Rapinoe is the co-captain of the US women’s soccer team. Despite this fact, she is doing a horrible job at representing America on the world stage.

Rapinoe disrespects the anthem
Rapinoe protests the national anthem (Flickr)

Rapinoe is just another embarrassment to our nation, much like Collin Kaepernick. The only differences she is doing it on a world scale. The left loves to see deranged citizens spewing their hatred for America to an international audience.

This is a selfish act, she is using the spotlight to spread her personal agenda. The American jersey represents the team playing for America. Not the team that hates it. If Rapinoe cannot respect who she represents, then she should resign from the team.

Americans should be rallying together because of her success with the team, instead she is helping to divide us even further.

She uses profanity to express her hatred towards the country and her character really shows when she speaks about President Trump. Rapinoe turned down an invite from the administration before it even happened.

Rapinoe believes that her and her teammates should receive the same pay as the men’s team. She does not mention anything about the fact that the men’s team brings in a lot more revenue for the organization than her team does. Rapinoe is much like AOC, in the sense that she cannot backup anything she is spewing to us.

Rapinoe also attributed the World Cup win to the team having lesbian players. She is effectively generalizing being a lesbian with being much stronger than straight woman. But isn’t that the type of bigoted worldview she is fighting?

She told President Trump that his message is excluding her. Personally, I think she excluded herself from the President’s movement when she kneels during our anthem and steps on the flag in front of the world.

Rapinoe on the field (Flickr)

Rapinoe is caught in the fog of having Trump-derangement syndrome. The millionaire woman claims to be a victim of America’s oppression on females. I wonder how her counterparts from other countries would feel with her salary?

It is also reported that her team, the US Women’s National Team was beat by a group of boys under the age of 15.

Most recently, Rapinoe protested the anthem at the ticker tape parade in New York City, by not placing her hand on her heart for the national anthem with the rest of her team.

How much longer do you think Rapinoe will be in the spotlight? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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