Antifa: The Fascist Terror Organization

Antifa Member Militants
Masked Antifa members demonstrate (Flickr)

Antifa is a violent group of domestic terrorists that like to assault people for their political beliefs. Many conservatives and notable journalists have been attacked during Antifa riots. The group believes they are fighting fascism in America.

This is not the case, Antifa is fighting non-existent American fascism by turning themselves into fascists.

Fascism is a political structure headed by a dictator, that puts race and nationality above individual behavior. Fascists also believe it is moral to suppress the opposition by using force. Along with that, they believe in controlling social structure and the economy.

The most recent and notable Antifa attack was an assault on conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who was severely beaten. Even innocent Americans voicing oppositions to Antifa face the threat of being beaten down by gangs.

Andy Ngo beaten and robbed by Antifa (YouTube)

Now that violence is covered, lets look at how they compare to real fascists.

Antifa uses nationality and race to categorize people, the group loves to support identity politics. They say they are “fighting white supremacists.” That would generally be a positive thing. However, the group labels every conservative as being a “white supremacist.”

Even if you are a multi-cultural patriotic group, they will accuse you of being in support of white supremacy. They use this tactic to shut up anyone who disagrees with them by crying “racist!”

Suppressing the opposition? The group uses another tactic besides violence; censorship.

Antifa starts a riot at UC Berkeley in response to Milo Yiannopoulos (YouTube)

Recently in DC, Antifa tried to disrupt the “Demand Free Speech” protest. The protest was in response to the censorship conservatives on social media are subject too. This group once again became violent in their counter protest.

Antifa supports censorship, they do not believe in traditional western values like the freedom of speech. Much like terror organizations, the group will take to the streets to commit violence against people that want freedom of speech protected.

Another aspect of Antifa’s fascism is their view on our economic policy. The group that stands against authoritarian governments want the government to control your money.

Antifa logo (Wikimedia Commons)

The hard-left group supports socialism. They want an all-out economic reform in this country that would hand over control of your finances to the government. It is a failing system and that is why they want to implement it in America. They want us to fall.

This organization is so blind and tone-deaf, they haven’t realized they are spreading fascism by being “anti-fascist.” The violence and destruction they cause in our streets should earn them a place on America’s long list of known terror organizations.

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