Scherie Murray is AOC’s Worst Nightmare

Scherie Murray is a Republican, and she happens to be an immigrant from Jamaica. She is planning on challenging Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her seat.

Scherie Murray With Trump
Scherie Murray with President Trump (Facebook)

What is her message?

Scherie Murray believes that the Queens and Bronx need a new leader who will welcome economic opportunities, not turn them away. Recently, AOC chased Amazon out of her district and it costs her constituents a lot of new jobs.

Murray is a business woman that stood up for minorities with the creation of her company, the Esemel group. The Esemel group is a television and advertisement production company; their mission is to address the lack of minorities in the industry.

Scherie Murray has said what many conservatives have been thinking, that AOC is a disaster for the district and the country. She has said that AOC’s only interest is being famous, not the well-being of the people she represents.

If Murray won, it would take out a key member of “The Squad,” as well as destroy their narrative that every conservative policy is “racist.”

Scherie Murray and her team put together a campaign video titled “Bridges.” This video explains her past and success as a 9-year old immigrant from Jamaica. Conservatives and Progressives should certainly be moved by this video.

You can watch that video here:

Scherie Murray’s Bridges campaign video (YouTube)

Unfortunately, I don’t live in the district, so I cannot place a vote for her. I hope others are inspired by Scherie Murray’s leadership in taking a stand against the false narratives put out by the left. The world needs more people like her.

It seems as if her and her team know what the people want; common sense and strength.

This will put a major roadblock in the 2020 presidential race. Democrats like Kamala Harris (who brags about being Jamaican) have allies such as AOC and the squad to echo their false cries of racism.

Personally, I hope Murray destroys AOC in the election. If I was Murray’s constituent, I would be campaigning for her in New York.

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