The Kathy Zhu Scandal is Childish

Kathy Zhu in MAGA Hat
Kathy Zhu in a MAGA hat (Flickr)

Kathy Zhu had her title of Miss Michigan taken away because her tweets support American conservatism.

Her tweets were deemed offensive. The title was officially stripped because her tweets violated the “good character” rules that Miss World America has in place.

Make no mistake, Kathy Zhu’s only violation of “good character,” was being an American patriot that supports our president. She is a Chinese-American immigrant who now must go through the tribulations that come with being falsely accused of racism by Democrats.

So, what were the tweets that got Kathy Zhu, the first-generation immigrant, into the basket of racism accusations?

She negatively tweeted about a “wear a hijab” booth put on by the Muslim Student Association at the college she attended. This is a big no-no for the left.

Kathy Zhu defends herself on CNN (YouTube)

The left cannot fathom that a woman of color, can effectively take a stand against the progressive tyranny. Kathy Zhu can also become a beauty queen while she does it.

Kathy Zhu, Miss Michigan
Kathy Zhu, Miss Michigan (Wikimedia Commons)

Some of her other tweets that were deemed too offensive for Miss America World, are simply pointing out facts about inner-city violence. The left cannot handle when a conservative uses fact to back up an argument.

Facts hurt their collective feelings. That’s why we have an issue with “The Squad” right now.

We have seen people like Alex Jones and other conservatives get silenced, this is not new. However, Kathy Zhu was subject to one of the most childish and new liberal smear tactics; the take back.

We all remember the kid in elementary school, who made up a game and changed the rules because you were winning. Maybe they even changed the rules because they didn’t like you.

This is what happened to Kathy Zhu, she was subject to the Liberals who play this anti-Trump game in the same fashion as the schoolyard bully. The only problem is that they aren’t messing with recess; they are messing up the political system in America.

The left would rather tarnish public and private institutions, by creating targets like Kathy Zhu, than play the game fairly.

Luckily, she is now a part of the Women for Trump Coalition Advisory Board, so patriots will have some comfort in the fact that she has taken on a bigger role through her conservatism. You can tweet her @PoliticalKathy

Are Liberals the elementary school bullies? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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