Democrats Divide the Party During Round Two

Democrats' Debate Lineup
Democrat Debate Line-Up (CNN)

Democrats met in Detroit for round two of their 2020 primary debate. The party has so many candidates that it divided the debate into two separate nights.

Democrat Debate Two: Night One

The most progressive Democrats rejected and attacked more moderate ones; showing how divided the DNC is.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came with a lot more energy then he did in 2016. Ironically, he shouted “you’re wrong!” just like President Trump did in 2016. He also used some colorful language when he decided to yell “I wrote the damn bill!”

Both statements were directed at Congressman John Delaney.

If you think people should still have access to private health insurance, you will be labeled as using Republican “talking points.” This is exactly what Sen. Elizabeth Warren did to Delaney.

Sanders then went on to accuse the moderators of using Republican “talking points.”

Warren just had to tell us a story about her friend Ady, which was shut down once by a moderator. Warren couldn’t accept this and went to tell us the story anyways. Unsurprisingly, she was met with laughter but shot back with how serious it was for us to hear it.

It was strange to say the least. Even stranger was the black smudge on South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s forehead. It was most likely gnat that he squished against his head.

John Delaney Democrats run him
John Delaney (Flickr)

Democrats own media outlets couldn’t even hold back from dividing the party. Vox came out with an article absolutely shredding Marianne Williamson. She is the underdog who has been coming out on top, but media outlets like Vox are calling her “scary.”

Robert O’Rourke did not get as much attention this time around.  

Democrat Debate Two: Night Two

The main contenders of night are ex-Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris. These are the two names that stick out when referring to so many presidential candidates.

Harris and Biden kicked off the night with a polite handshake, with Biden saying; “go easy on me kid.”

Protesters happened to disrupt Sen. Corey Booker and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s opening statements.  

Booker went on to praise the protestors that interrupted de Blasio, but not the ones that interrupted himself.

Andrew Yang started with a pledge to give every American $1000 a month, and said that the opposite of Donald Trump, is an “Asian who likes math.” I guess Yang likes to play into racial stereotypes? The crowd full of Democrats cheered.

Harris and Biden started the debate with a tit-for-tat over a Medicare for all. Biden attacked her over the possibility of losing employer-based insurance for people, raising taxes on the middle class and a $3.2 trillion in taxpayer expenses.

Joe Biden (Wikimedia Commons)

Biden then went on to state that “Obama-care is working.” And that his plan will only cost $750 billion. Why didn’t Obama-care work when he helped to create it?

Sen. Corey Booker took a play from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and told Democrats to stop pitting themselves against each other. Booker then backed it up with support for Medicare for all, which is causing Democrats to implode.

Andrew Yang made some good points regarding healthcare; he noted that the current policies make it harder for companies to offer employment sponsored healthcare. Which makes it harder to offer people full time employment.

He did not divulge on whether or not this would be government funded.

Most Democrats on stage agreed that open borders were good for America. Biden caught some flak from moderators and protesters about Obama’s deportations.

Julian Castro took the time to say that he will fix the Obama-Biden immigration issue by being a politician with “guts” on the issue. Biden deflected it on to President Trump.

Booker said an “unlawful crossing is an unlawful crossing.” But he also took the chance to bash POTUS on using criminal courts. After he just admitted crossing the border was unlawful.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said that tuition wont be free for illegal immigrants. That we should focus on a pathway to citizenship.

Tulsi Gabbard (ABC News)

By the way, Corey Booker said that some immigrants come “shit-hole countries” or “working-countries,” so he must be a racist like President Trump.

Biden claimed to help save Detroit under President Obama. As a Detroiter, I can tell you that nothing was fixed. Gillibrand definitely hasn’t taken Detroit’s public transport; it is non-existent.

Andrew Yang said that he will change the outlook of Detroit’s future by changing the way we look at the success of a city. Meaning he would lower the standard to what he believes is “successful”

Julian Castro accredited our great economy to President Barack Obama.

Gabbard said that she does support fair trade with China, but she does not support President Trump’s tariffs on China.

Democrats run Julian Castro
Julian Castro (Wikipedia)

Yang was called out for hiring women with an 80% pay gap. But then went on to explain that he has seen the hardships of women in the workplace. Harris followed that with the recommendation for a fine.

“That was a long time ago”- Joe Biden.

Gabbard also said that our president is “supporting Al-Qaeda.” Most candidates went on to support the impeachment of President Trump.


The liberal hypocrisy is so great, that I cannot write about this debate anymore. Mainly because I am skeptical that any of this is true from the candidates. Luckily, I made it to the closing statements.

Fortunately, I quit tuning in at the very end. It is safe to say that I will be voting Trump 2020!

It was Clown World 2020, with no one being the clear winner besides President Donald Trump. The Democrats are now split straight down the middle.

After my tuning out, it turned into an all out attack on Joe Biden, mainly examining his history regarding women’s rights in the workplace. Harris could not stop attacking him.

The Democrats are so lost that they cannot even debate against POTUS with the same ideological values. This will split their supporters, some will surely vote for the opposition. This would secure President Trump’s re-election.

Fun fact: I recently graduated from Wayne State University, where I walked across that very stage during commencement. It was funny to see the Democrats up there from a personal standpoint. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t see any large gnats to smack against my forehead. It is a beautiful building that was tarnished with the CNN logo for the last two nights.

Who do you think won the debates? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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